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Useful Info

Reception is open from 09:00 to 20:00. If guests plan to arrive after this time they must notify reception in advance for information on collecting keys. Access to the apartment is not guaranteed otherwise.

Check-in: The rooms are available from 4.00 pm onwards; we will prioritise the preparation of rooms for guests who communicate their estimated arrival time.

Check-out: it is necessary to leave the rooms by 10:00.

Pets are not allowed.

Children and Extra Beds: all children under the age of 3 stay free of charge (sleeping in bed with their parents). Guests with children under the age of 3 can request the availability of a cot in advance for a fee.

Resort Regulations

Safety measures to protect the health of our clients.

Total safety during your stay.

Dear Client,

We inform you that we have adopted all the health safety measures required by the competent Authorities to guarantee the total safety of all Guests and our Staff.

The application of rigorous hygiene procedures in all common areas, in the rooms, and in contact with our Team, guarantees you maximum comfort and peace of mind during your stay.

Upon arrival, you will be able to personally verify the application of the safety measures, which in any case will not hinder your enjoyment of the resort.

These are the main procedures that we have implemented:

  • Constant cleaning and sanitization of all rooms, common areas, and halls.

  • Rigorous sanitization and cleaning of all possible contact points (door handles, lifts, reception counters, common bathrooms, etc.), which are disinfected several times a day.

  • Providing all staff with the necessary personal protective equipment

  • Hand sanitizer placed in the various areas of the hotel

  • Training of our staff to ensure compliance with safety protocols

  • Simplification of check-in and check-out procedures

  • Room service available on request

  • Personal protective equipment available on request for guests

We are happy to welcome you and do what we like doing best: putting your well-being at the centre of your stay.